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Facebook is Temporarily Locked - How to Unlock It | Help Apr 23, 2017 My Facebook Account Temporarily Locked! How to Unlock? Must Read: How to Block and Unblock Facebook App or Game Easily. Reasons Why My Facebook Account got locked. I have spotted possible list of reasons for any sudden disabled Facebook account. Updating Database or Cleanup Procedure. Facebook do regular improvement in their database, or cleanup of fake or duplicate Facebook profile. 4 Tested Ways on How to Unblock Facebook Website in 2019 Solution 2: Unblock Facebook using the IP address You can also unblock Facebook at school or office through its IP address. It is quite possible to unblock Facebook website, even if your system administrator has blocked it. Unblock FB by finding the Windows hosts file and then use the IP address to carry out the process. How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Messenger - YouTube

Aug 06, 2012

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How To Unblock Someone On Facebook : The Ultimate Guide Tap Unblock on Messenger > Unblock. Windows. Open Facebook Messenger. Click the chat you wish to unblock. Next, click the information icon and from here click Unblock Messages. This will help unblock people blocked on Facebook Messenger. Using these simple steps you can easily unblock friends on Facebook that you might have blocked due to any