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So after fixing a couple other errors in setting up ddclient, I think I've reached the last warning, which I'm not sure is a problem or not. When I run "sudo ddclient -query" I get the following message: use=if, if=eth0 address is xxx.xx.x.xxx. use=if, if=lo address is xxx.xx.x.xxx freedns: send IP address by ony · Pull Request #28

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RdClient - Free download and software reviews - CNET The RdClient is optimized for use with Microsoft Windows operating systems and is designed to meet the needs of users, which does not want to use the "Remote Desktop Connection" tool already 1. Redirect your DNS requests to our DNS server. - SafeDNS To use SafeDNS on your Windows computer with a dynamic public IP without the SafeDNS Agent, follow these easy steps: 1) point DNS traffic to our servers 2) install and configure ddclient software. 1. Redirect your DNS requests to our DNS server. windows equivalent for dd - Super User