This bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is convenient for employees and inexpensive for employers, who don't have to pay for the devices. As organizations allow more employee-owned devices into the corporate network, BYOD security policies and endpoint security solutions become more important. Most organizations do not adequately protect their networks from the endpoint security threats that …

Jun 01, 2018 · Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the most complicated headaches for IT departments because it exposes the entire organization to huge security risks. Even though BYOD is an excellent Apr 22, 2020 · The nature of BYOD proves challenging as devices in the wild show volatility without proper VPN and next-gen firewalls to lock down security. Our solutions Secure Mobile Access – Powerful, cost-effective secure mobile and remote access means that your users have access to applications wherever they’re working, so they stay productive and EAP-TLS is a strong authentication method requiring server and client-based X.509 certificates that also need PKI for certificate deployment. Another strong authentication method EAP-FAST does not require X.509 certificates for mutual authentication, instead Protected Access Credential (PAC) files are used. With a growing number of employees using their own desktops, laptops and tablets, BYOD is gaining momentum beyond smartphones. A comprehensive, secure program can maximize user productivity and satisfaction, while cutting costs and allowing for business continuity. Jan 21, 2019 · BYOD might sound like a win-win concept, but there are important considerations to be made before deciding whether it is a workable solution, both from the perspective of employer and employee. Another aspect of SSL VPN to consider for mobile BYOD is provisioning. While organizations want to allow BYOD, the cost of provisioning and support of these devices is a concern. An SSL VPN offering that provides an efficient way to provision or onboard devices becomes attractive, while accelerating the adoption of BYOD.

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VPN: A VPN-protected connection is among the simplest yet most essential BYOD security solutions. A VPN connection is encrypted and cannot be easily intercepted or undermined. With an efficient VPN platform in use, a threat will only arise if the authorization data for the VPN software solution is … Move Beyond VPN to Secure your Remote Workforce

A VPN should be the first step in securing all of the myriad worker devices that are accessing a corporate network. Now is the time for organizations to get serious about their BYOD security strategies and find a VPN that supports today's evolving and more remote work environment. BYOD and Securing It to Protect Your Organization If you wonder about the safety of over-the-air-configuration, always consider what information is going over the air and if it is secure. If you choose to use open (or null) authentication for BYOD or guest access then your policy should require the use of VPN to reach any corporate assets. Also, use proper segmentation depending on type of