CLI Statement. MX Series. Specify the information that the router includes in the Calling-Station-ID (RADIUS IETF attribute 31) that is passed to the RADIUS server during authentication and accounting. You can include one or more optional values in any combination.

Jan 18, 2018 RADIUS applications in Okta | Okta 31 Calling Station ID: Palo Alto Networks: In the RADIUS attribute dropdown list, choose the attribute that you want Okta to pass this group information through to your specific app or infrastructure. Currently, the available choices are 11 Filter-ID and r25 Class. These values are the most widely accepted attributes to … IPSK with RADIUS Authentication - Cisco Meraki Create a new policy set with the condition Device > Location and select the location you applied to the MR Device type. Then create another condition and use Radius: Called-Station-ID ENDS_WITH {Your SSID Name}. Navigate into that policy set by clicking the arrow to the right. Accounting request Calling-Station-id - Cisco Community Hello, We need to receive calling-station-id on the cisco ASR 1006 debug and radius server when wifi user is connected Actually I receive calling station-id in the Access-reqest packet but not accounting-request packet. The below is the debug from the cisco ASR 1006, 12/03/2012 15:44:00.291: P48

RFC 3580 IEEE 802.1X RADIUS September 2003 Service-Type of Call Check is included in an Access-Request packet to request that the RADIUS server accept or reject the connection attempt, typically based on the Called-Station-ID (set to the bridge or Access Point MAC address) or Calling-Station-ID attributes (set to the Supplicant MAC address).

Jul 22, 2013

Unfortunately providing AP MAC using NAS-Id is not available as an option in ZD (whereas, SCG lets it via GUI - look under WLAN settings' RADIUS Options). So the available option is usage of Called-Station-Id instead. This can be done via ZD CLI. Here is the command sequence to follow: Please login: admin Password:

user@host# set calling-station-id-delimiter “delimiter-character” (Optional) Configure the information that the router includes in RADIUS attribute 31 (Calling-Station-Id). See Configuring a Calling-Station-ID with Additional Options for detailed information. Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Horizon Administrator