Think of it like a library. A library allows us to borrow books we like to read and then after a time, we need to return them back for somebody else to borrow. NAT is like a library. Instead of having books though, this library lets us borrow Publ

How Network Address Translation Works | HowStuffWorks So what does the size of the Internet have to do with NAT? Everything! For a computer to communicate with other computers and Web servers on the Internet, it must have an IP address.An IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol) is a unique 32-bit number that identifies the location of your computer on a network. Basically, it works like your street address -- as a way to find out exactly How Does NAT Work? - Ask Leo! Apr 29, 2012

Nat is implemented by a device (a computer, a router, or a firewall) that has two network connections, one to the internal network, one to the internet. When a device on the internal network wants to connect outside, it sends its messages (packets) to the NAT device.

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